In the News

In the News

The Mega Podcast is a series on YouTube hosted by Raquel Baldelomar

McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Alumni Spotlight: Raquel Baldelomar (04/06/2022)

Inscriber Magazine - How to Use Your Erotic Capital: Q & A With ‘Sugar Crush’ Author, Model & Entrepreneur, Raquel Baldelomar

Raquel Baldelomar – Productivity, Creativity, and Wellness

Star Central Magazine, June 6, 2020, Introducing Raquel Baldelomar: The Founder Of Quaintise, A Leading Marketing Agency Based In LA

San Fernando Valley Business Journal, "Smile in a Flash"

Huffington Post, “Driving Your Life: The Shifting Paradigm in Modern Healthcare”

Entrepreneur, “How Sugar Is Sabotaging Your Success as an Entrepreneur”

Sugar Crush (Harper Collins, 2015)

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