Raquel Baldelomar, Founder of Quaintise, Featured in CNN

Los Angeles, April 23, 2018—Raquel Baldelomar, founder and president of the Los Angeles-based health and wellness marketing firm Quaintise, was featured on CNN. She offered advice on how to keep a wellness lifestyle while traveling for business in San Francisco in the video “San Fran Slow Down” by CNN’s Holly Firfer.

Health and wellness is one of Raquel Baldelomar’s passions. She strives to produce content that educates people on how to be a top performer in business while maintaining a high level of mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  For Forbes column focused on executive wellness, work-life balance, and the creative process.  She has a number of series on the topic, including “Three Days of Wellness”, “Artisans of Business”, and “The Brand Experience”.   In addition, Quaintise partners with health, wellness, and healthcare clients to build brands and marketing campaigns that help people live healthier lives.

For more information about Raquel Baldelomar or to request a speaking engagement, visit: https://raquelbaldelomar.com

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About Quaintise

Quaintise is a leading health & wellness branding and marketing agency, based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2003 by Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise means beauty, elegance, and a well-crafted strategy, which is the mission we strive to uphold for our clients by building strong brands that drive new business. From the beginning to end of a project, the end-customer is at the center of everything we do. We dig deep into their desires, behaviors, and feelings so we can deliver brand experiences that exceed their expectations. Our bold approach to storytelling, innovation, and messaging has yielded remarkable results for companies such as Cedars-Sinai, a premier hospital in Los Angeles, Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest breast cancer organization, and DFW Capital Partners, a healthcare-focused private equity group with $600 million in assets under management. We work across the health and wellness sectors, serving the many audience groups within healthcare to build brand currencies, tell compelling stories, and drive growth – by connecting business strategy with a deep understanding of customer behavior. For more information about Quaintise please visit www.Quaintise.com.